Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological disorders are those affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves - such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Such disorders can cause life changing impacts upon an individual’s independence and quality of life.

Neurological physiotherapy can help to facilitate normal movement patterns, maximizing potential functional recovery through a range of interventions to promote independence.

At your initial consultation you will have a discussion with your physiotherapist to gather information on the history of the condition and a full physical assessment to identify your individual needs, set therapy goals and create a tailor-made treatment programme. 

Treatment is specific to you to help you overcome your physical problems and may include strengthening and mobilisation exercises, a stretching programme and balance work. Walking practice (if appropriate), postural awareness and control, and movement facilitation are also part of neurological treatment. Advice and recommendations will also be given on suitable walking aids and home adaptations / equipment.

An initial assessment at the clinic costs £60 and takes up to an hour, with follow-up treatments costing £45 for 45 minutes.

N.B. IMPORTANT Please be aware the clinic room is on the first floor, with access via the stairs, so would not be suitable for dependent wheelchair users. There is a chair lift on the stairs, ring us to discuss access if you have queries.


Ligament damage, cartilage damage, knee cap tracking, wear and tear all possible causes…come for a diagnosis


An umbrella term for shoulder pain – rotator cuff damage, instability, impingement, capsule problems.


Left untreated this can be come a recurring problem – early physio recommended


Acute tearing of muscle fibres resulting in pain and loss of optimal function – early physio recommended


From simple low back pain to disc and more serious problems…come for a diagnosis – even if you’ve had it for years.


Soft tissue and joint problems, postural and work related issues,usually responds quickly to physiotherapy

Amanda has the skills that are the most important when you get injured. She has incredible patience, compassion and knowledge of the human body and is able to fix you...She is a true inspiration, when she works - very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Marianne Thomsen, London
After years of neck and shoulder pain I sought Amanda's help. She traced the problem to an old sailing injury and after a course of treatment I'm pain free for the first time in years and swinging better than ever, 5 shots off my handicap since she put me right. Pete Askins, London
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