Recovering from injury, returning to running, or taking up the sport for the first time …

The Couch-to-5k programme is a very popular and effective programme for new or recovering athletes to run a 5km/ 3.1miles run. It’s also free to download as an App!

NHS Couch to 5K on the App Store (

It works by incrementally increasing the duration and intensity of the run during training sessions, at a very comfortable pace, until you are able to complete a 5km run without the need to stop and rest.

The steady increase in intensity is designed to help you stay injury free – but we’re all human and inevitably when when small ‘injuries’ creep into the mix we can work together at Amanda Marsh Physiotherapy to stick to the recommended plan and achieve your goal without making an injury worse or giving up.

 We do this by incorporating physical treatment and Soft Tissue Massage into the routine with regular sessions to monitor your progress. Soft Tissue Massage specifically will help with muscle tension or soreness from training and will speed up the recovery process after a harder/ faster run.

Those who are completely new to running will often experience pain through the lower legs (the Calf complex and knee) and we can keep on top of any niggles through regular treatment sessions, making sure that small pains don’t become bigger problems.

That being said, no Couch-to-5k is a “one size fits all”, and so we at Amanda Marsh Physiotherapy can create a more specialised version to suit you, understanding you as an individual, incorporating any pre-existing problem areas, appreciating your time commitments and weekly routine into your bespoke programme creation.

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