Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries

or just because you care

Luxury Gift Card or Pdf e-Card

  1. Gift Cards are for use for the card’s specified treatment, however if you would prefer to choose a different service, please contact us to discuss. 
  2. Bookings using Gift Cards cannot be made online, please call 07958 599716 to book.
  3. The Gift Card Number is the ‘Order Number’, please quote on booking.
  4. We reserve the right not to accept gift cards that have or appear to have been forged, damaged, defaced or otherwise tampered with.
  5. Appointments are subject to availability.
  6. The Gift Card recipient cannot request a cash refund for the Gift Card at any time.
  7. Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash.
  8. Gift Cards cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.
  9. Gift Cards expire 1 year after the date stated on the card.
  10. Gift Cards cannot be sold to any third parties without our consent. If we do give our consent then such consent may be subject to any conditions which we impose. In any event you may not sell the Gift Cards through the internet without our express written consent, which you must obtain before making any such sale. We reserve the right at all times to refuse to permit any sale of Gift Cards by you to a third party.
  11. Gift Cards will be dispatched to you by post within 2-5 working days.
  12. Amanda Marsh Physiotherapy reserves the right to add to or amend these terms and conditions from time to time, where we consider it reasonable and necessary to do so for security, regulatory or other legal reasons. Reasonable notice will be given where possible.